Vision Team Reflections - Day 2

By Team Member - Dawn Harvey

Tuesday, October 7th

The Fashion & Compassion team started the day by sharing their stories with the Artisans...stories of where we've been that make us the people we are today. Some of our stories are a result of bad choices but others had no choice in the things that happened to them. Tears were shed as we shared. This time of community helped us realize that we all have problems we are dealing with; the Artisans were very kind to offer encouragement to each team member after they shared.
Little did I know of the horrible tragedies of their lives. Being viscously pursued by the LRA, running for their lives barefoot with arms tied behind their backs. One Artisan & her brother chewing through each other's ropes to get them off. Watching your family members be chopped in pieces and others shot.
For a county girl who has never been outside of the USA or Canada, these stories & living conditions are beyond my imagination of what a lack of education & poverty can lead to. Tears of deep hurt came from the Artisans as they have never been able to process their deep grief; tears were shed by the team as they heard of each tragedy. Hearing the stories of these women was overwhelming to me; especially as I had the privilege of leaving the slum to go back to the hotel with all of it's conveniences...showers, flushing toilets and the blessing of eating my 3rd meal of the day.
The Artisans were asked," What brings joy to you?" Most answered "The fellowship we have with working for Fashion & Compassion." When I watch them work, I can see this joy...smiles on their faces, laughter & singing. I think F&C has been a God-send for them.
I recently found this devotion, posted by Proverbs 31 Ministries. It spoke to me & may speak to you also.
"We all have messes in our life. Financial messes. Relationship messes. Health messes. Kid messes. Home messes. Business messes.
Sometimes messes are small & just an annoyance. Other times they are so huge they strip the hope right out of your life. But here is a thought to ponder in the midst of your mess...
Am I letting this mess define me? The answer to this is crucial.
If I am letting a mess DEFINE me, I will feel hopeless.
If I am letting a mess REFINE me, I will feel hopeful." - Lysa TerKeurst
With Christ in your refining process, you will have more hope than you could EVER imagine possible!

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