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The End of Concy's Story...The Beginning of Her Future

You may remember our blog this summer about young Concy from the Acholi Village Slum in Kampala, Uganda. Concy is the 9 year-old daughter of Josepine, one of our paper bead artisans, who had been suffering from a severe intestinal disorder for 6 long years. We've learned more about Concy's past since we first shared her story and now we have news to share about her future...

Concy's biological mother was abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army (started in the early 90's by the infamous Joseph Kony) from their home in a village in Northern Uganda. Women who are abducted typically become "bush wives" or sex slaves a rebel leader, who is Concy's likely biological father. A few years later, her mother was able to escape the rebels to return to her family home with Concy. Unfortunately, her mother was abducted again when Concy was 3 and likely killed for her escape as she hasn't been heard from since. Fortunately, Concy was left in the care of her uncle who later married our sweet-spirited artisan, Josephine. Josephine and her husband live with Concy and 7 other children, several of whom are orphans from the war like Concy. The family of 10 live in a tiny mud-walled hut surrounded by streams of raw sewage, trash and abject poverty.

Cony with Family
When Celeste Bundy was working with the artisans back in May, she learned of Concy's severe intestinal disorder and began to pray along with Josephine and Jane, our local project manager, that God would open up an opportunity for Concy to be healed. Through prayer, an email to share Concy's story, and a friend who connected us with a reputable hospital in Kampala, we were able to have Concy's problem diagnosed (a rectal prolapse which may have been the result of unspeakable early childhood trauma). Within a few short weeks, Concy was scheduled for surgery at the end of July. Her surgery and recovery went incredibly smoothly and cost less than $1,000! Concy is now able to enjoy being a kid again! During my recent visit to Kampala, Concy told me "now I can go out and play with my friends without worrying". The artisans also shared with me how Concy used to be pale and sickly and now that she has fully recovered her energy and natural beauty that shines through her shy smile. Read a letter Concy wrote to those who supported her HERE.

We are grateful to those who prayed for Concy and donated to her cause. Truly God has used you to give a little girl not only her childhood, but dignity and hope for her future.

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