A Message From Our Artisans

Deep in the heart of Mexico, on a hill overlooking a village of about 2,500 souls, sits our partner project in Mexico; a small metal workshop that handcrafts gorgeous jewelry out of silver, bronze and copper.

 The project was started by a woman named Laura, who saw smart, talented young people in her rural community with no hope for their future. Even those able to complete high school had little opportunity beyond working in the fields, farming sugar cane 14 hours/day, 6 days/week.

And because of the limited work, many of the young people were illegally fleeing to the U.S., in hopes of finding better jobs and wages to provide the basic needs for their families.

When we visit our partner projects, we ask the artisans if they have any messages they would like us to carry back to our customers. And below are some of the messages they asked us to share with you:

  • “I love my small town and its culture. Our culture is focused on loving people and I love that.” - Lulu
  • “We are dedicated to making beautiful products. And sometimes the final product doesn’t show how much care truly went into making it.” – Tana
  • “When there is no work, it makes life really hard.” - Eric
  • “We take so much pride in every piece of jewelry that we make. Each hand that helps create the final product gives it everything they have.”– Janet
  • “Thank you for helping support our families and provide them with a better life.” – Hebert
  • “Without your support, none of us would have a job. Thank you for purchasing the jewelry we make.” - Pedro  

  • “Without you, this job and this workshop would not exist.  Not only are you helping us, but you’re helping our families. And by that, you are investing the community as a whole.” – Eli
  • “I love that our little community can show off our talent by making jewelry that is sold in the USA.” – Tania
  • “When there is work, life can be good here.”– Ciri
  • “We are easy-going people and we have so many beautiful places for you to visit.” – Sergio

Our heart’s desire is to help you, our customers and donors, get to know the people who handcraft the jewelry you purchase from Fashion & Compassion. So together with these talented artisans, we say, “THANK YOU.”

Thank you for caring about WHO makes your jewelry. 

Thank you for investing your financial resources into dignified work.

Thank you for considering how your purchase transforms families and communities just like this village in Mexico.

You ARE making a difference in each and every one of their lives.

To learn more about the project and artisans, make sure to visit the ‘Meet The Artisans’ page.


All photos by Jamie Lee English, https://jamieenglish.com 

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