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About Us

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Our mission is to empower women & families overcoming trauma & injustice, bridging the gap from pain to purpose through:
  • Impactful connections
  • Inspired creations
  • Economic confidence


    Fashion & Compassion runs programs in Charlotte, North Carolina and we partner with Artisan projects in six other countries.  F&C teaches women to make jewelry and other crafts. These products provide supplemental income to the women and an income stream for the organization.

    In Charlotte, we address two key issues the city is facing:

    Economic Mobility

    We help women who have fallen off the ladder of economic mobility re-gain that access or help women gain access to the ladder for the first time.

    Cross-Cultural Reconciliation

    We build communities where people from different races, socio-economic groups, religions, cultures, and ethnicities work side by side, getting to know and love one another.

    The women we serve in Charlotte are referred by non-profit community partners. We introduce them to a diverse community where they learn work-readiness skills, receive emotional support and opportunities for spiritual growth.


    The women served, called Artisans, create an Artisan Empowerment Plan that documents their physical, emotional and spiritual growth dreams for the future. The Plan breaks their dream down into achievable milestones. The Plan begins with 3 basic work readiness milestones: Arriving to work on time, having a good attitude and working diligently at assigned tasks.  We connect the Artisans to employment opportunities and other resources in the local community as needed to accomplish dreams and reach the milestones they set in the Artisan Empowerment Plan.


    Learn More About the Fashion & Compassion Team Here