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About Us

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Our Vision is a world where empowered and purposeful women live in thriving, supportive communities.
The "&" in our logo represents connection...
  • Connection to God through the spiritual growth opportunities available in our projects
  • Connection to one another through our jewelry project communities
  • Connection to resources that help women take courageous steps to a self-sustaining life of purpose

We believe that we need to work together to empower the most vulnerable in our communities. No one organization can do everything; we each have a role to play in the lives of the women we serve.

We love how the women in our jewelry project communities are all working toward the similar goals of personal and spiritual growth and the ability to care for themselves and their families. The other artisans, volunteers and staff come around each artisan to encourage her to reach for her dreams! And wow, what a privilege it is to see women with tragic pasts achieve goals, large and small, on their path toward a bright future!