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Compassionista Ambassador Program


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What is the Fashion & Compassion Ambassador Program?

The Fashion & Compassion Ambassador program called our Compassionista program, is an opportunity for women 18 and older to come together in compassionate communities and use their passion for fashion to change the world.  There is an application process, and approved applicants will be sent a marketing kit with full details.  


What do I have to do to participate?

It’s easy! Just go to our Compassionista page here to apply.  Our application is only open at certain times of the year, so follow us on social and sign up to get our emails so you are always in the know! Applicants must be 18 years or older at this time.


What are the Benefits/Perks?

Compassionistas receive 20% off any order at Fashion & Compassion and also receive a personalized shareable code to give friends and family 15% off their purchases.  Compassionistas earn points in our World Changer Rewards program as their family members and friends place orders at Fashion & Compassion. Extra perks are available as you move to different tiers within the program.  There are other ways to earn points as well, and points are redeemable at Fashion & Compassion, both in-store and online.


Tell me about the Compassionista tiers?

As part of the Fashion & Compassion Ambassador Program, you’ll move into different status tiers as you make more sales. The more sales you make, the more tiers you’ll move up (and the more rewards and free swag/perks you’ll score!). 

Our Compassionista Program currently has five status tiers:


  • Accepted, placed first order
  • Perks:  marketing kit, Compassionista bracelet



  • 5 sales (total friends and family sales, personal orders don’t count here)
  • Rewards:  500 loyalty points ($10)


Difference Maker:

  • 15 sales (total friends and family sales)
  • Rewards:  750 loyalty points ($15)



  • 25 sales (total friends and family sales)
  • Perks:  Fun giveaway (charm necklace)
  • Rewards: 500 loyalty points ($10)


World Changer:

  • 35 sales (total)
  • Perks: Fashion & Compassion S’well bottle (while supplies last)
  • Rewards: 750 loyalty points ($15)


Additional info:

  • Sales do not reset with each new month or year.  However, once you reach the World Changer tier, you will earn 1 point for every friend and family dollar spent!
  • You’ll receive real-time emails from any time you move up to the next tier!
  • Extra loyalty points can be earned through attending Compassionista courses (100 points per course attended), and through referring friends into the program (100 points per referral if they join the program.



What is the best way to share on social?

1. Follow us @fashionandcompassion so you can stay up to date 

2. Add #Compassionista to your Instagram bio

3. Share your code with friends and family using social media as a form of communication Sample caption:

“You can shop today’s look @fashionandcompassion and score an extra 15% off with my Compassionista code Alex15 at checkout! These products are super unique and support a great cause, check them out!” 

4. Tag Fashion & Compassion when you are rocking our products (plus a chance to be featured on our social media, and possible bonus World Changer points!)

5. Share your empowerment stories and spread our mission

6. Maintain a positive image for Fashion & Compassion 


What should I post on social media?

This is a great question! We highly encourage you to be engaged with our brand on social media. Click here to see our official Social Media Guidelines for more information. We have Compassionistas follow these guidelines to help you use social media in a professional capacity, to accurately represent the Fashion & Compassion brand, and to prepare you for future hiring opportunities where your social media profiles may be important.  


When are Compassionista rewards and perks processed/shipped?

Your Compassionista Rewards (points to your loyalty program account)  will be processed each month, by the 15th of each month, for the previous month, and automatically added to your World Changers loyalty account.  Perks (freebies and swag) are processed on the same schedule and mailed by the 15th of each month.  Please let us know if your shipping address changes by the 1st of the month so that your rewards can make it to you.  Simply log in to your Fashion & Compassion account from our website and change your address in your account info.

By joining the Fashion & Compassion Compassionista Facebook group, you’ll get updates so you are always in the know. 


What if I haven’t received my latest perk?

If you are missing a perk, please remember that perks are processed after each month is closed, and your perks will be added to your account or mailed by around the 15th of the following month.  Points will be added to your World Changer Rewards automatically by the 15th of each month.  If you haven’t received it by the end of the following month, please email Avery at, and we’ll respond! 


Is there a limit to the Rewards/Perks?

There’s no limit to the rewards and perks, as long as you are abiding by our Terms & Conditions, here. 


Do my World Changer Points expire?

No, your World Changer Rewards points do not expire.


Do my discount codes expire?

Your discount codes will not expire as long as you are an active member of our Compassionista program and abide by our Terms and Conditions.


How does the brand help vulnerable women?

Fashion & Compassion envisions communities where formerly vulnerable women lead abundant and purposeful lives. We work with women overcoming human trafficking, abuse, addiction, poverty, and persecution, and we teach these women to make jewelry and accessories.  These women are empowered as they learn a new skill, and that builds their confidence so they can begin to envision a brighter future.  Then, we work with them to set and achieve goals around personal and professional development, education, housing, financial stability, and more.  We give them a gentle re-entry into society, and they graduate from our program typically within 3 months. We also empower women and families in Africa and South and Central America by helping them create designs that we know you will love, and by sharing their handicrafts with you.  We are a 501c3 nonprofit, so 100% of every purchase you make goes back to help empower vulnerable women.


How should I get my friends involved?

This is where you can get creative! By using social media, communication, and leadership skills, you can build up your experience and make your first sale of many! If you need guidance or skill-building, we highly encourage you to participate in our Compassionista classes that will not only help you reach your Compassionista goals, but build lifelong skills you can use in your jobs, school, and everyday life! 


Do my personal purchases contribute to points needed to move between tiers? 

You will move to new tiers based on your family and friend sales from your shareable code.  While your personal purchases will not help you move between tiers, they do help build your World Changer Rewards points!  You’ll receive 1 point for every $1 you spend at Fashion & Compassion.

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