How to Host a Successful Boutique Party

When should I host my boutique party?

You can host a boutique party anytime you’d like! On a weekday, weekend, morning or night, it’s totally up to you!  We recommend checking your calendar, choosing a date & inviting friends that want to use their purchase power for good!



Is it ever “too early” to start planning for a boutique party?

We always say, “the sooner, the better” so it’s never too early to get something on the calendar.  If you start planning a month in advance, that should give you more than enough time to gather your friends, place your order & receive the product. 



How should I prepare for my boutique party?

Preparing for your boutique party is a lot like meal prepping – the more you do in advance, the easier it will be the day of.

Here are some tricks that we’ve seen work in the past:

  1.  Three Weeks Before: Send out invitations or e-vites for your boutique party
  2.  Two Weeks Before: Share your boutique party on social media
  3.  Two – Three Days Before: Follow up with people who haven’t RSVP’d & remind your friends
  4.  The Day Of: Send a final reminder to everyone who’s planning to come 


What about the day of my boutique party?

Boutique parties are meant to be fun, so don’t stress! After all, you’ll be with your friends, you get to shop & you’re helping empower women around the world!