The F&C Team



Michele Dudley

Founder & Executive Director

Michele is the heart behind Fashion & Compassion & it's her vision & passion that directs our work to serve the oppressed & impoverished. She graduated from the University of Southern California & prior to starting Fashion & Compassion, she worked for KPMG & served as a VP for the Global Corporate Investment Banking division at Bank of America. She’s pretty much a superwoman, because when she’s not busy being a wife, a mom of 4 & a host to a college student from Burundi, she also serves on the boards of Education Equals Hope, The Barnabas Group Charlotte & still found time to help found the Ignite Justice Conference! Her heart for people truly knows no bounds & when she’s not out changing the world or driving carpool, you can find her reading or running.




Celeste Bundy

Co-Founder & Partnerships Director 

If we had to describe Celeste in one word, it would be "joyful". She's full of fun jokes, always has a positive attitude & can seamlessly insert song lyrics into every conversation. She's always cared about people, but after visiting Rwanda with Michele in 2009, that passion turned into advocacy & she decided right then & there to use her sales, marketing & events experience to help turn entrepreneurship into empowerment. Celeste is heavily involved with organizations like the Ignite Justice Conference & ALARM (African Leadership And Reconciliation Ministries), but her highest calling is being a single mom to her daughter, Miah. When she's not busy parenting, networking or traveling, Celeste enjoys spending time with her family & friends.  




Anna Bill

Administrative Coordinator & Inventory Manager

Anna's heart for people & service is unmatched. She's one of the most selfless people we know, is full of compliments & has the amazing ability to turn anyone's frown upside down! She went to ministry school in San Diego to study missions, which eventually lead her to a village right outside of Uganda called Zirobwe, where she spent a year (2015-2016) empowering the local women through a fair trade program. Now that she's back in the States, she's finishing her degree at Queens University in Biblical Studies & Sociology, with a minor in Women's Studies. She's the perfect person to serve our artisans, customers, staff & volunteers and when she's not here, you can find her eating great food, making new friends & exploring all the world has to offer! 





Karie Davis  

Brand & Communications Manager

If you follow us on social media, receive our emails or have ever sent us a press request, chances are you’ve talked to Karie! She’s our resident storyteller, the voice behind our brand & our favorite grammar guru! She has a degree in Mass Communications/Merchandising & after spending some time at DKNY & WME, she decided to use her social skills for good! Karie is married to her college sweetheart & has a love for all things fashion. From her signature gray nail polish to her stylish shoe collection, she keeps us up-to-date on all the latest trends. When she’s not in the office, you can find her snuggling her puppies, training for her first half marathon or tirelessly searching for Charlotte’s best cupcake!






Elizabeth McGarity

Custom Order Coordinator & Jewelry Designer

The only things Elizabeth might love more than traveling, photography & a good bracelet stack, are monograms, shoes & people! She's always up for a new challenge - and nail color - and has a deep desire to connect our customers to the hearts & hands behind each piece. She's the best party planner & her passion for people overflows into all parts of her life. Elizabeth is married to her high school sweetheart & has five kids! She attended NC State & helped plant Relevant Church in 2011, where her husband is the Lead Pastor. When she's not sharing stories or style tips, you can find her sipping La Croix & reading a good book! 







Carrie Strahl

Product Manager & Jewelry Designer

Carrie is the creative one in the group & the mastermind behind all of our designs! She has B.A. degree from Sarah Lawrence College & spent time studying art in Lacoste, France. You might not believe us if we told she's a mother of seven, because we can't believe it ourselves sometimes! She has heart a of gold & is an expert crafter! When she's not designing jewelry, she uses her artistic talents to reupholster furniture, paint, illustrate & teach jewelry making to disadvantaged children at the Behailu Academy. She also loves to garden, so we can always count on her to keep the fridge stocked with organic fruits, veggies & farm fresh eggs!






Veronica Washington

Artisan Coordinator

Have you ever met someone who instantly made you feel more encouraged & understood? That's Veronica & she has a gift for connecting people to the things they need the most! For the past 12 years, Veronica has selflessly served alongside several non-profits and community organizations to help create change. She's been a board member, an advisor and has used her management background to help with business development & grant writing. Her heart is to do all she can to transform the world around her & that's why she's the perfect artisan coordinator! She knows exactly what our artisan's need, how to make it happen & how to positively steer their dreams in the right direction! 






Arlene Bohol

Assistant Jewelry Project Manager 

Arlene used to be an artisan in our Freedom Project, but she's so talented & fun-loving that we had to hire full-time as our Assistant Jewelry Project Manager! She's originally from the Philippines, where she worked as an obstetric & neonatal nurse, before being becoming a victim of labor trafficking. After being rescued by World Relief, she was referred to us & our lives have been a little brighter ever since! She's a mom to two boys, a lover of seafood, has the loudest laugh & the best sense of humor! If you ever get to know her, it's impossible not to love her!






Jodi Johnson 

Website Manager 

While most people would rather hand wash dishes than organize their closet, Jodi prefers to do both! She lives for the little details, follows every rule to a "T" & truly believes that color coding is the simplest solution to managing life’s most chaotic clutter. Some may call her a “neat freak”, but we call her a passionate perfectionist. Jodi used to work in insurance & is married to a guy she’s known since middle school. They didn’t date back then, but they reconnected in a coffee line after church! To this day, Starbucks holds a special place in her heart, as does singing worship music & all things Chick-fil-a.

Jane Olaki

Dignity Project Manager - Kampala, Uganda

Jane is jack-of-all-trades & the definition of a "people person"! From social work, to counseling, to preaching & speaking, there isn't much that she hasn't seen or heard! She has a Master's Degree in Christian Ministry from the East Africa Bible Institute in Nairobi, Kenya & obtained her counseling certificate from the Kampala Evangelical School of Theology. Before joining F&C, she spent 12 years working as project coordinator for the Soap Box Child Care Project & the Support an Orphan (SAO) Project. She has a laugh that is louder than most, the strongest shoulder to lean on & a heart for service that's constantly beating. Her faith is big & her smile is wide, making her the perfect person to support our Uganda artisans! 

Walter Rubanga

Dignity Project Accountant - Kampala, Uganda

Walter knows a lot about numbers & crunching them counts as exercise in his book! As our resident accountant in Uganda, Walter spends most of his time balancing the books & guiding the artisan's as they journey towards financial freedom. He received his Accounting Certificate from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants & his Project Management degree from Makerere University in Uganda. He loves a good spreadsheet & when he's not busy building budgets, he can be found spending time with his family or reading a good book.