The F&C Team

Fair trade jewelry providing economic opportunity through women’s empowerment worldwide.


Michele Dudley

Founder & Executive Director

Michele is the heart behind Fashion & Compassion & it's her vision & passion that directs our work to serve the oppressed & impoverished. She graduated from the University of Southern California & prior to starting Fashion & Compassion, she worked for KPMG & served as a VP for the Global Corporate Investment Banking division at Bank of America. She’s pretty much a superwoman because when she’s not busy being a wife, a mom of 4 & a host to two college students from Burundi, she also serves on non-profit Boards & still found time to help found the Ignite Justice Conference! Her heart for people truly knows no bounds & when she’s not out changing the world or driving carpool, you can find her reading or running.

To learn more about Michele and how Fashion & Compassion started, please listen to to the following radio interview on WBT in Charlotte:

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Janet Manzullo

Chief Operating Officer

Janet joined Fashion and Compassion after an extensive career leading operational teams in retail, financial services, and telecommunications. She is passionate about leading and helping others, and in finding ways to improve the world around her. She is the resident “organizer” and is known around here for her color-coded wall calendar to help us all keep things straight! Janet has been involved in many endeavors to serve her community through her church and other non-profit organizations over the years. She is a “glass half full” person who hasn’t met a problem she can’t solve. She and her husband, Ryan have 2 daughters, 2 sons-in-law, a granddaughter, and 2 grand-dog!







Heather Davis

Finance/HR Manager

Heather recently joined Fashion and Compassion after a lengthy career in public accounting.  While she still loves an excel spreadsheet, she has now found a new calling for her left-brain focus.  When the Fashion & Compassion opportunity initially crossed her path, Heather was not seeking new employment.  However, after three serendipitous encounters, she knew she was meant to answer the calling.  When she’s not managing the company’s financials, Heather may be found cheering on one of her children at a sporting event, running with her local FiA group before sunrise, or occasionally sneaking away to join her husband on a business trip.   Life with three children and a husband who travels can seem crazy and hectic, but Heather tries to remind herself that each day is a blessing, even if there are dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor and handprints on the wall. 




Fair trade jewelry providing economic opportunity through women’s empowerment worldwide.



Elizabeth McGarity

Creative & Design Manager

The only things Elizabeth might love more than traveling, photography & a good bracelet stack, are monograms, shoes & people! She's always up for a new challenge - and nail color - and has a deep desire to connect our customers to the hearts & hands behind each piece. She's the best party planner & her passion for people overflows into all parts of her life. Elizabeth is married to her high school sweetheart & has five kids! She attended NC State & helped plant Relevant Church in 2011, where her husband is the Lead Pastor. When she's not sharing stories or style tips, you can find her sipping La Croix & reading a good book! 






Alexis Russo

Operations Coordinator

There are few things Alexis loves more than coffee and that’s women’s empowerment. She grew up in Winston-Salem and graduated from NC State in 2015 with a degree in Brand Management & Marketing from the College of Textiles. By the time she had graduated she knew without a doubt the Lord had a plan for her to leverage her degree and passions for women’s empowerment for His name’s sake. Fast-forward to 2017 where her convictions and passions lead her to an accessories company in Kathmandu, Nepal where she became the operations queen! To her, running operations means she is able to equip women with the tools they need, so that they may be able to accomplish their goals and discover their worth. Today you can find her fine-tuning our processes, planning production, tackling the inventory room, and solving whatever puzzles may come her way; but not before her first cup of coffee.







Carrie Strahl

Project Manager & Jewelry Designer

Carrie is the creative one in the group & the mastermind behind all of our designs! She has B.A. degree from Sarah Lawrence College & spent time studying Art in Lacoste, France. You might not believe us if we told she's a mother of seven because we can't believe it ourselves sometimes! She has a heart of gold & is an expert crafter! She also loves to garden, so we can always count on her to keep the fridge stocked with organic fruits, veggies & farm fresh eggs!







Arlene Bohol

Assistant Jewelry Project Manager 

Arlene used to be an artisan in our Freedom Project, but she's so talented & fun-loving that we had to hire full-time as our Assistant Jewelry Project Manager! She's originally from the Philippines, where she worked as an obstetric & neonatal nurse, before being becoming a victim of labor trafficking. After being rescued by World Relief, she was referred to us & our lives have been a little brighter ever since! She's a mom of two boys, a lover of seafood has the loudest laugh & the best sense of humor! If you ever get to know her, it's impossible not to love her! 




Fair trade jewelry providing economic opportunity through women’s empowerment worldwide.


Celeste Bundy


If we had to describe Celeste in one word, it would be "joyful". She's full of funny jokes, always has a positive attitude & can seamlessly insert song lyrics into every conversation. She's always cared about people, but after visiting Rwanda with Michele in 2009, that passion turned into advocacy & she decided right then & there to use her sales, marketing & events experience to help turn entrepreneurship into empowerment. Celeste's highest calling is being a single mom to her daughter, Miah. When she's not busy parenting, networking or traveling, Celeste enjoys spending time with her family & friends. Although Celeste is no longer actively involved in Fashion & Compassion, the F&C Family of Artisans, customers, and staff are eternally grateful to God for the contributions and sacrifices she made to bring empowerment, faith, and joy to their lives.