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Meron Citron Leather Clutch - Ethically Made Handbags
Meron Citron Leather Clutch - Artisan Crafted Handbags
Meron Coral Leather Clutch - Ethically Made Accessories
Meron Coral Leather Clutch - Artisan Crafted Accessories
Denim Meron Leather Clutch - Ethically Crafted Fashion
Denim Meron Leather Clutch - Artisan Crafted Fashion
Cognac Meron Leather Clutch - Ethiopian Leather Goods
Cognac Meron Leather Clutch - Ethiopian Leather Handbags
Denim Model Image - Ethically Made Clutch
Cognac Model Image - Artisan Crafted Clutch

Meron Leather Clutch

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Serving impoverished women and families, Meron strives to provide opportunities for training and growth paired with living wages for artisans overcoming generational poverty in Ethiopia. This is more than a job, as Meron works hard to create a platform where all artisans reach their personal dreams.  What’s more, Meron creates sustainable and ethical fashion with high-quality, original designs.  


  • 100% Leather
  • Folded: Approx 10" L X 5" W
  • Open: Approx 10" L X 12.5" W
  • Purposefully made by empowered women in Ethiopia 
  • *Please note that there could be natural flaws in the leather or slight color variations.
  • Lifestyle photography by Leandra Creative Co.
Where it's made

Where it's made

Ethiopia is an East African nation and has the lowest level of income-inequality in Africa and one of the lowest in the world. It is one of the poorest nations in the world, and its capital Addis Ababa is where we find stunning jewelry, handbags and other leather accessories all handcrafted by vulnerable women. We partner with artisan groups serving women overcoming extreme poverty as well as women infected with HIV/AIDS. Many products are up-cycled and repurposed out of bullet casings and other materials to create eco-friendly and beautiful products from past violence.
How it's made

How it's made

One of our newest partners, Meron encourages and employs primarily women (80% of her team is female), giving impoverished women a chance to learn a new skill and provide a living wage with which to support their families.  Meron supports her artisans additionally through in-house trainings on issues relevant to the women, encouraging all of the artisans to reach their dreams. Meron has a fabulous sense of design and brings a level of quality and workmanship uncommon in many countries.   Her vision is to create high quality leather products ethically and efficiently, implementing sustainable fashion into her business model.
Meron Citron Leather Clutch - Ethically Made Handbags

Meron Leather Clutch